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The Uterine Tubes

There are two uterine tubes, each approximately 10 centimeters long, which connect the ovaries to the uterus. The infundibulum is the portion of the tubes that is closest to the ovary and contains the ostium structure where the egg enters from the ovaries. Next to the infundibulum is the ampulla, followed by the isthmus. The uterotubal junction is where the uterine tubes enter the uterus and connect to the uterine wall, called the intramural region. There are three layers of the uterine tube walls. The outermost is the serosa, which contains connective tissue. The next layer is the muscularis, containing circular and longitudinal muscles used for peristalsis, a wavelike movement that pushes objects in a certain direction. The innermost layer is the mucosa ciliated epithelium which contains cilia that are hairlike extensions of the tubal walls. The cilia and the muscles work together to create a current that carries the egg to the uterus after ovulation (Jones and Lopez, 2006).


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