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Case Study of a 40 year old Woman with a 18 Year Pregnancy

Medical History:

A 40 year old woman had complaints of lower abdominal pain that had been present for several months. She had experienced regular abdominal growth and fetal activity during a pregnancy that happened 18 years earlier (Junior, 2000). During her third trimester, she had strong cramps in the lower abdomen and at the same time the fetal activity dissipated. Weeks later she eliminated a dark red mess through the vagina that had the appearance of a placenta (Junior, 2000).


The physical examination revealed an infra-umbilical mass that was mobile and hardened. The uterus did not have any indications of there being a pregnancy. The abdominal X-ray and computerized tomography showed the presence of a ectopic fetus in a mesentery blood vessel branch (Junior, 2000). An ultrasound was performed and showed an empty uterus, regular ovaries, and a 31 week fetus. A laparotomy was performed to remove the mass and Figure 24 reveals the fetus after the calcified ovular membrane was removed.

Figure 24: Fetus after ovular membrane was removed

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  1. The lithopedian looks like he or she is sucking their thumb. It’s really sad that things like this happen sometimes.


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