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Case Study of a 63 old Woman with a 40 Year Pregnancy

Medical History:

A 63 year old woman had suffered from urinary frequency and lower abdominal discomfort recently and sought medical treatment (Kim, 2001). After laparotomy, she reported that she had been pregnant 40 years earlier and the pregnancy continued for about 9-10 months with fetal movements and abdominal distension (Kim, 2001). She experience vaginal bleeding, but there were no signs of labor. This woman had poor access to medical care and she sought alternative medicine techniques such as herb medications. The fetal movements stopped and the abdominal distension disappeared. Two years after this pregnancy, the woman became pregnant again and successfully delivered a baby girl (Kim, 2001).


Upon a pelvic examination, doctors discovered that there was a normal postmenopausal uterus with a hard movable mass in her lower abdomen. Doctors supposed that the mass was an ovarian tumor upon the sonographic findings and a computed tomographic scan, which revealed a dense calcified mass (Kim, 2001). Figure 23 reveals the computed tomographic scan. The fetal bones can be seen in the round mass located in the upper portion of the scan. During laparotomy, the mass was removed from its position where it was embedded into the omentum (Kim, 2001). At this point in the procedure, doctors determined that the mass was indeed a lithopedion and not an ovarian tumor as they had suspected.

Figure 23: Computed Tomographic Scan

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